Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Google is making medical history, don't swallow the water in Rio, meat will shorten your life


Google and pharmaceuticals firm GlaxoSmithKline are teaming up to develop bioelectronic medicine devices. They are hoping to shrink neuro implants - currently the size of a jelly bean - down to the size of a rice grain. The implants attach to a nerve and change the signals traveling through the nerve. Neuro implants are a promising new technique for treating chronic illnesses. 

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Experts warn Olympic athletes in Brazil about dangerous water pollution levels

OK. We've all heard stories about how Rio de Janeiro is a crime-ridden, disease filled, polluted city but just days ahead of the official start of the Olympics a study commissioned by the Associate Press found that the same water that the athletes will be swimming in is teeming with raw sewage and sky-high levels of viruses and bacteria.

Authorities in places like California freak out when pollution levels reach thousands of adenoviruses per litre.... the waters around Rio tested at 1.73 billion adenoviruses per litre! Yuck!

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Cut back on meat if you want a long, healthy life

This shouldn't be news to anyone but a Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital study has found that eating meat is not good for us.

So ditch tonight's hamburger, sausages and bacon and grab a handful of veggies or nuts instead, which of course you won't do because:

. "My grandfather lived until 150 and he ate anything he wanted"
. "I have a strong disposition so I don't need to watch what I eat or need to exercise"
. "Science is for the birds"
. "I hate veggies"
. "Meat tastes soooooo goooood!"
. "I'm going to die anyway, why not enjoy life"
. etc, etc, etc.

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