Monday, 1 August 2016

Did Shaylene Graves really hang herself? Congrats to Yuriko Koike and lovely sand

Shaylene Graves (left) was days away from being release from the California Institution for Women when she was found hanging.

The CIW is designed to hold 1,398 prisoners but instead houses 1,886 - that means it is at 135% capacity. '

"The prison system failed to protect her life," Sheri (right in photo) after her daughter's death. "She had to forfeit her right to freedom in order to pay her debt to society, but wasn't supposed to lose her right to life and protection while incarcerated."

The CIW must be held accountable.

Read Victoria Law's story on Truthout

Yuriko Koike - first woman Governor of Tokyo

Congrats to Ms. Koike who who prevailed against a field of 21 other candidates. Her to-do list is going to be quite long as Tokyo is due to host the Olympics in four years.

Read the story on BBC News

Parksville Beach Festival

Congrats to 3rd Place Doubles winners - Jacinthe Trudel & Jonathan Bouchard from Quebec, Canada ; Sculpture Entitled: "Arise - Find What Gives You Wings". The festival draws over 100K visitors from all over the world every year.

The other winners this year were: 

Soloist Results:

Doubles Results

Competitor's Choice (Selected by their peers)

Read the story on the Competition's website

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