Friday, 29 July 2016

Does weather cause war? Killer cop James Forcillo gets slap on the hand. And give a Brit a seat please

"Weather disasters can fuel war in volatile countries, study finds"

Interesting article by John Upton in Climate Central. A study by Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research found that, in 1980 to 2010, nearly 25% of serious - eg. deadly - conflicts were related to a specific climate related disaster.

Read the story on Salon

"Forcillo gets 6 years in Toronto streetcar shooting"

I usually don't comment on police shootings - executions really - partly because they happen so many times a day in North America (and throughout the world) - and partly because pointing out that a cop acted criminally, unethically, racistly, or unprofessionally is like pointing out that the sun rose this morning. If HR keeps hiring sociopaths and bullies then 'serve and protect' will continue to be a big, fat lie.

I'm commenting in this post because of the ridiculousness of Constable James Forcillo's sentence. He shot 18 year old, mentally ill, Sammy Yatim EIGHT TIMES! while the kid was trapped on an empty street car with a knife in his hand.

Forcillo should have gotten life in prison for his cold-blood murder of Mr. Yatim but who says the 'justice system' has anything to do with justice.

Read the disgusting story on CTV News

Unions demand change after report into London's 'cattle-truck' trains

What's up with the Brit rail system? Unions and passengers are complaining about the deplorable conditions. It seems as if more than 30% of passengers have to stand during rush hour.

Read the story on the Guardian Newspaper

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