Thursday, 4 August 2016

Bug spray companies exploiting Zika, Assad's chlorine, congrats to the Italians

Mosquito brands OFF, Cutter, Pynamite Mosquito Misting Systems, companies with anti-mosquito wristbanks, and untested 'anti-Zika condoms' made by Australia's Ansell Ltd. are jumping on the Zika bandwagon by promoting their products to the frightened public. Shame on them!

Read the story on CTV News

It seems as if when the US made Syria get rid of the deadly sarin gas that Assad used to massacre his own people the US allowed him to keep a stockpile of chlorine. Now that chlorine, which kills within minutes, is being used as a weapon.

Read the story on New York Times Books

Congrats to Italy for initiating a plan to save food.

The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation figures that we earthlings waste a third of our food. And that the food wasted daily just by Europeans could feed 200 million hungry people.

Read about Italy's food saving plan on BBC News


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