Saturday, 6 August 2016

My day in court: Michelle Ramsay vs Me - two years later

My five month ordeal in The House of Broken Loves (photo) - or better known as Family Court - came to an end two years ago today.

Some of the people who contributed to bringing it to an end were:

Michelle Ramsay-Borg
Michelle Ramsay
Michelle Boulais
J. Gilles Boulais
G. Blaze
Dozens of Duty Counsels at 311 Jarvis
The patient and helpful folks at the Clerk Window of 311 Jarvis St.
The helpful staff at the Bora Laskin Law Library

I hope the following chronological list (March to August) of my postings is helpful for any of you who find themselves in the unenviable position of having to attend Family Court.

The House of Broken Loves
House of Broken Loves - Part II
House of Broken Loves - Part 3
House of Broken Loves - Part 4 - Invitation
House of Broken Loves - Part 5
Please Attend My Court Appearance
My Day in Family Court is Tomorrow
Forms, Forms, and more Forms
All About (Dispute) Mediation
No Talking! - House of Broken Loves
Recusing a Judge
The Curse of 'Lawyering' up
Two Motions Rejected - Two New Motions Filed
Mother May I?
Family Court 101 - for Novices
It's Over - We've reached a Settlement

And finally.... an interesting comment from one of my readers....

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