Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Israeli war crimes, Erica Gilmour's chocolate, husband-less honeymoon

"No justice for war crimes victims" - 2 years after Gaza war, Amnesty International says

It's been two years since Israel rained death and destruction down on the people of Gaza yet not one person has been charged with war crimes. And in fact, America continues to supply Israel with money and weapons, making Israel an apartheid-era South Africa on steroids.

Read Ben Norton's story on

"Ontario town's chocolate deemed best in the world"

Congrats to fellow Canadian Erica Gilmour who founded Hummingbird Chocolate Maker in her basement. Ms. Gilmour's Hispaniola chocolate bar just won the prestigious Golden Bean prize at the Academy of Chocolate Awards in London.

Read the story on CTV News

 "Honeymoon for one: Woman's sad photos after husband denied visa"

 OK... disregarding Mrs. Sever's terrible over-acting, it really is sad that Huma and her husband Arsalaan could not honeymoon together because Greece denied him a visa. Boooo on you Greece!

Read the sad story.... complete with sad photos.... on BBC News


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