Thursday, 14 July 2016

India's industrial waste water for sale, K2 artificial marijuana and cheating cyclists

India offers Ganges Holy water by post

Indian businessman Subrata Khan was able to find two locations along the Ganges - to draw his 'holy' water. Congrats to Mr. Khan because which for decades the river Ganges's water has been undrinkable - thoroughly polluted by industrial waste, raw sewage, and dead bodies - yes, I said bodies. This new product, called Gangajal, will be bottled and mailed to an address of your choosing.  The price? .22 cents for a 200ml bottle. But you may want to wait until you're standing in your local hospital's emergency department before taking your first sip.

Read the story on BBC News

33 suspected of overdosing on artificial marijuana in Brooklyn

On the one hand - organised crime is once again making millions selling death to poor people...

“It’s like a scene out of a zombie movie, a horrible scene,” said Brian Arthur, 38, who watched three people collapse as he made his way to work in the morning and began live-streaming the episode on Facebook. “This drug truly paralyzed people.”

And on the other hand - poor folks! Just say no!

Read the story on NYTimes

Getting into gear: the rise of doping in amateur cycling

And on the subject of drugs, it seems as if not even the world of amateur sports is immune from the scourge of cheating and cheaters. Cyclists competing for mere hundred dollar prizes are taking
cortisone, testosterone, human growth hormone [hGH], clenbuterol, EPO and RNF to improve their chances of winning. Evidently winning is more important than their health.

Read the story in The Telegraph

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