Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Arnie Schwarzenegger...Help! Pit bulls are for losers, RIP Rokusuke Ei

"A frightening precedent: Can we talk about the Dallas police using a bomb robot to kill a man?"

Good point. I thought Asimov's first rule of robots was that they were not allow to kill humans.  So given the less-than-lovely hiring practices of just about every police force in North America - we now have sociopaths sending homicidal robots to kill humans... WAIT! ... I think I've already seen that movie.

Check out Sean Illings's article Truth-Out

"Two pit bulls attack Canada Post letter carrier north of Montreal"

Hey! It's waaaaay past time that every civilised country in the world bans pit bulls or mastiffs or whatever you call that variety of vicious animals that are largely owned by bikers, gang members, and sad individuals with low self-esteem issues. In fact, ban dogs - we mammals have no right to keep other mammals as pets. 

 Check out the story on CTV News

Japanese lyricist Rokusuke Ei dies

Wow. I remember the tune but never realised that this song - which was a number one hit on the US Billboard back in 1961 - was a protest against American troops stationed in Japan. RIP Mr. Ei

Read the story on BBC News

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