Sunday, 10 July 2016

The lonesome death of Jacobo Luis Fuchs

On this day - two years ago - my friend Mr. Fuchs was rendered unconscious with drugs then denied food and liquids. Seven days later he died of starvation in a nursing home room - alone - surrounded only by the whirl of machines, cold fluorescent light, and impending death.

"You who philosophize disgrace,
And criticize all fears.
Bury the rag most deep in your face
Now is the time for your tears."

Please sign my PETITION, which asks Canada's Attorney General to reopen last year's Coroner's Investigation into the killing of Mr. Fuchs.

I thank you, and Mr. Fuchs's family - Carlos Fox, Joanne Stewart, Michelle Ramsay, Dr. J.Gilles Boulais thank you as well.

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