Thursday, 23 June 2016

Shame on J.V. Car Wash and Gold King Mine, and taxing empty condos


New York area car wash workers get more than $91,000 each in unpaid wages - Reuters

Congrats to the 18 workers who persisted in their fight for justice for the past five years... And shame on the owners of J.V. Car Wash Ltd. who tried to shaft their employees.

New Mexico sues Colorado over 2015 mine waste spill - CTV News

The Animas River continues to bleed from the acidic crap that the Gold King Mine continues to dump into its, previously, pristine water. The only people likely to come out ahead from this court action are the lawyers on both side.


"Empty Home tax coming to Vancouver" - CBC News

Wow! This tax is way overdue as foreign investors - much of their money coming from illegal activities - have been 'parking' their ill-gotten gains in Vancouver, Toronto, London, Spain and other western countries for safety. These investors are buying blocks of condo and single family homes and leaving them empty - sometimes waiting until they can flip them for a profit and sometimes moving in their relatives.

Consequently, young families either can't find housing or can't afford the prices once they find something suitable for raising their kids.

What's the long-term solution? That's easy... You must live in the home you own... or, you must apply to the city in order to purchase property intended for rental. And all landlords must be licensed.

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