Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Incompetence wins award, Mother Earth is cooking, and ENOUGH WITH ORLANDO!

"Immigraton official in charge when Canadian died in U.K. custody honoured with award" - Globe and Mail

Karen Abdel-Hady, head of the Brit Detention Operations, Immigration Enforcement branch was awarded the prestigious Order of The British Empire by PM David Cameroon.

This, soon after Ms. Abdel-Hady testified at a coroner's inquest into the death of 84 year old dementia sufferer Alois Dvorzak who died while being held in appalling conditions in Harmondsworth immigration centre. 

During her testimony at the inquest Ms. Abdel-Hady conceded that her staff "could have done a better job."

Not to worry Ms. Abdel-Hady... your job performance was good enough to get you an award.

"The state of the climate so far this year gives us much cause for alarm," said David Carlson, Director of Geneva's World Climate Research Programme, in a release from the World Meteorological Association.


Enough with Orlando! Nearly a week after that terrible event the media is still plastering the newspapers and home-pages of their websites with the survivor's personal stories, aerials of the night club, detailed personal history of the killer, detailed personal history of everyone who knew or might have known the killer, first hand accounts from reporters who bought AR-15 rifles, the population and class demographics of Orlando Florida, what Trump said, what Obama said.... enough! What is this fascination with tragedy?

The only conversations Americans should be having is 1. How to ban (all) guns and 2. How to fix the shamefully underfunded and inadequate mental health system.

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