Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Covetous banks, Red 40, and lessons from the CIA

"Canada's major banks hiking fees while pulling in big profits" - CBC News

TD Bank reported 2nd quarter profits of over $2 billion then raised their ATM fees by 50 cents. And who says there's no profit in crime.

"Toxins in your child's food" - Centre for Science in the Public Interest

Evidently, more than 40 percent of supermarket foods that are marketed to children have Red 40, Yellow 5, or other artificial dyes. Dyes which are design to simulate real fruit, but more importantly, it causes hyperactivity. Please donate to the Centre for Science in the Public Interest so that they push the Food and Drug Administration to force the food companies to remove Red 40 from the food they market to children.

This retired CIA undercover agent believes that America (and Canada and the rest of the 'Western world) are approaching ISIS all wrong - we are 'pouring kerosene on the fire' in fact. Check out the VIDEO

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