Thursday, 16 June 2016

Eat then pump it out, North is not the top, Pistorius wants our tears

"Stomach-pumping weigh-loss device approved for use in the U.S." - CTV NEWS

At first I though this was a late arriving April Fools Joke but no. The AspireAssist system, which consists of a tube implanted in the stomach, is design to pump all or most of the meal you just ate out of your stomach and into the toilet.

Evidently there are millions of Americans who have tried every weight-loss method and failed.

Well, I just invented a weight-loss plan that is guaranteed to work - EAT LESS / EXERCISE MORE!

"There's no good reason for "North" being at the top of maps" - BBC News

Interesting article by Caroline Williams of the BBC - interesting for me anyway. She says that putting 'North' at the top of maps and photos etc. was a completely arbitrary decision.

Pistorius removes his legs - Globe and Mail

Oscar Pictorius - who was convicted of killing his wife - removed his artificial legs and hobbled into sentencing hearing today. Pleaseeeeeee!

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