Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Ikea blamed for parent's incompetence, banning cars, his wife's gutsy fight

OK.... tell me what I am missing?.... Ikea, who I am no fan of but nevertheless, has to shoulder the expense of recalling millions of dressers because the securing strap they supplied in the box and was mentioned in the instructions as being "important' to install was NOT installed by the idiot parent(s) who assembled the dresser.... so the death of those kids is Ikea's fault?

Read the story on Truth-Out

With the number of cars in the world surpassing the one billion mark, the cities of Paris, Oslo, China, Michigan and Hydra (pictured) where 500 mules are used for public transportation, are fighting back against the automobile. Check out the story on BBC News

Check out the inspiring article "My wife's quiet strength living with Cancer" written by John Beamish in the Globe and Mail

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