Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Prison from a prison guard's point of view, cleavage, and congrats Simone Biles

Kudos to Shane Bauer for his eye-opening, investigate article about his stint as a prison guard in America. By the way, his prison guard job paid a disgusting $9 an hour! Check it out his well written report in the July/August issue of Mother Jones

I don't much care for sports on the national and international level where pharmaceuticals, blood doping and other performance cheats have more to do with winning than talent, but I gotta give props  to 19 year old Simone Biles. Ms. Biles just won her fourth straight gymnastics national title. Something that hasn't happened in the last 42 years. Check out her story in the New York Times

Well of course! As a guy, I don't need to see this woman's CV to know that that she is superbly qualified for the job. I wouldn't cross the street to look at a sunset, or towering snow-covered mountain peak, or a cute Panda but show me spectacular cleavage and you'll have my full attention and my gratitude.

Check out the article in UK's Telegraph

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