Friday, 17 June 2016

Negligent parents, taxing pop, Fathers Day: Lane Graves, Philadelphia, Dads binoculars

Orlando alligator attack: charges unlikely for Lane Graves' parents -

In 'my world' these parents should be arrested, charged, tried and, if convicted, put in jail. Kids are a huge responsibility and if a care-giver - be it a parent, or grandparent, or uncle, or aunt, or daycare worker - fails to protect a child from alligators, or traffic, or disease, or sugary foods, or 'troubled' people - then they should at least be charged with negligence.

The parents of 2 year old Lane Grave's allowed their child to wade in a body of water clearly signed "No swimming" - how much cleared could it be? No swimming means stay out of the water. No doubt Lane's parents will excuse themselves because the sign didn't read "No swimming because there are alligators in the water". And the local sheriff will excuse him or herself from performing their duty because they hold elected positions and arresting the parents of a dead child is likely to lose them votes in the next election.

Philadelphia to bring in 'soda tax' to fight obesity - BBC News

Congrats to the people of Philadelphia who successfully forced a 'sugar levy' on companies that manufacture sugar-filled, carbonated soft drinks. And shame on those same soft drink companies, led by multimillionaire Harold Honickman, for spending millions of dollars to fight for their right to poison Americans.

Dad's binoculars taught us to look deeply at the little things and dream big - Gary Luton, Globe and Mail

In advance of Father's Day I thought I share with you a lovely tribute to fathers.

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