Monday, 25 July 2016

Why don't we mention stillbirths? Carlos Santana is a union scab


Why don't people talk more about stillbirths? 

24, 000 babies are born dead every year in America. So why is it so difficult to talk about them.

Check out this article about Emma Beck, her search to find out more about her daughter's death and taboo that seems to surround any mention of stillbirths.

Read the story on BBC News

"To jam, or not to jam: Why Carlos Santana’s reasons for ignoring Israel boycott are dubious at best"

400 artists have boycotted Israel for its reprehensible treatment of Palestinians. Yet Mr. Santana has refused to participate in the boycott. Why?

Read the story on Salon

"The reason why exhaustion and burnout are so common"

Turns out that exhaustion and burnout are epidemic. It seems as if our 'modern' brain is not capable of handling the day-to-day stress and pressure that we workers are exposed to.

Read the story on BBC News

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