Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Universal City is a tax cheater, asthma loves fracking, and heroes Chris LeDay, Abdullah Muflahi

 "No Escape" - City Walk - Universal City

Universal City is a rather interesting place. Interesting not only because it's huge - 415 acres - or because Universal Theme park lies within its boundaries, or because Universal is one of six major film studios in America... no Universal City is interesting because despite sitting within the City of Los Angeles, every year it manages to avoid paying property tax on 70% of the land it owns. Likely because paying the City much needed tax money would cause a financial drain on Universal - which by the way makes 12+ billion dollars in profit per year. And besides, why should Universal pay their fair share of property tax. After all the City of Los Angeles is going going to spend that money on wasteful things like child care, infrastructure improvement, salaries, health care, and social programs.

Shame on Universal.

A group of Pennsylvania doctors say that their study shows a casual connection between incidents of asthma and fracking.

Their study group - more than 25,000 patients - revealed that patients living near fracking sites had harder to control asthma attacks.  patients' asthma was harder to control if they lived near a fracking site, compared with other asthma patients.

Fracking is a mining process in which water is blasted into the underground shale deposits in order to release natural gas. Fracking has also been found to destabilise the earth and cause quakes.

Read the story on BBC News

Ever since Chris LeDay and Abdullah Muflahi, two Louisiana residents filmed and distributed video of the police murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge continue to be harassed by the police for their actions.

Read the story on Salon.com ......HERE

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