Monday, 18 July 2016

Ramstein - America's secret killing base, ban cigarettes and 10 great books to read

The American military does a pretty good job of concealing the existence, location, and primary use of its base in Ramstein, Germany. A base that is used as their primary digital hub for drone attacks in the Middle East and Africa, airlifting special-ops units on missions to Africa, or transporting munitions for airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.

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Politicians! Just ban cigarettes! No, really folks. You may have missed this email but part of government's job is to 'lead' not follow. The welfare of the public has never been number one (or number 12) on Big Business's list of concerns. Cigarettes kill millions of people - not just in North America but around the world. If we the public waited for Big Business or the public's  'common wisdom' to kick in then women would still not have the vote, lynching would still be legal, and nobody would have to wear their seatbelts.

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Ten 'lost' books you should read now

Wow. Check out these books, most of which you probably have never hear of (I certainly hadn't)

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