Thursday, 21 July 2016

Hells Angels and their cop friends, Usain Bolt is funny, and bowl hair cuts

I find it interesting that the Hells Angels 'motorcycle club' has been able to operate openly since they were formed nearly seventy years ago. This despite the fact that the white supremacist  'club' derives its income from prostitution, human trafficking, drug, cigarette and guns sales, strip clubs, and payday loan companies.

Kinda makes me wonder if they aren't being protected by the various police departments, public prosecutors, and courts.

Read the story about their upcoming 'get-together' on CTV News

I had to laugh when I saw the news report that Usain Bolt - the fastest man in the world - had the gall to go on-camera and say that it was good that those cheating Russians are going to be punished for giving their athletes performance enhancing drugs, gas, and 'techniques'

Not one athlete that stands on the winning podium - be it first, second or third place - hasn't or isn't currently cheating and that applies to every sport.. with the possible exception of chess.

How soon we forget about Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong, Marina whats-her-name, various baseball players and the rest.

Read it on BBC News... and laugh

And speaking about laughing and/or crying....

"Would you spend $800 for a hair cut: Some men in New York City do"

Really!!! Guys, lose the vanity... buy a bowl and a pair of scissors and donate the 8 bills to the charity of your choice.

Read the story on the New York Times

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