Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Smart and the Shamed: Men, Tahani Anderson, and Sharapova

"Men who marry smart women live longer" - iheartintelligence

Actually, I don't understand why anyone - women or man - would marry someone 'dumb' but then again.... 'dumb' and 'smart' are wildly subjective value judgement. Anywhooooo! this study claims that men who marrying someone smarter have a lower incidence of dementia.

"TV show contestant vomits on Paula Abdul - CTV News

Inadvertantly, 12 year odl Tahani Anderson summed up my opinion of all the "So You Think You Can...." type shows. And she did it without having to speak a word.

"Sharapova banned for two years" - BBC News

Russia's Maria Sharapova is just the latest in a long line of professional athletes caught cheating. To stop the wide-spread practice of taking performance enhancing drugs I suggest that sports bodies remove money from the equation - no sponsorships, no endorsements, no magazine ads - no money. Let's 'level the playing field' by paying athletes in every country a fixed and equal monthly salary. Kinda like the way it was a few hundred years ago when the Olympics were born.

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