Wednesday, 8 June 2016

People: Muhammad Ali, Dan Turner, Hillary Clinton

Muhammad Ali: Fighter. Activist. Icon - CTV News

Lovely collection of historic photos of Muhammad Ali's exceptional life. He truly was 'The Greatest'

Father says son convicted of sexual assault shouldn't go to jail for '20 minutes of action'..CTV News

Dan Turner, father of 20 year old Brock Turner, wrote a letter to the judge saying that his son's sexually assaulting an unconscious woman was 'no big deal'

Clinton hails 'Milestone for women'... BBC News'

This is the joke of the day. Ms. Clinton somehow thinks that putting a woman in the White House is some kind of accomplishment when in fact all America would be getting is yet another greasy, lying, unethical politician. Anyway, it's the military and big business that steers America's course - not the President.

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