Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Clean up your desk or your brain will rot!, fighting deforestation can cause death, Bob Kerrey

"Dirty, dull work environment leads to cognitive decline: study" - CTV News

See kids, there was a very good reason (several actually) your parents kept telling you to clean your room.

Brazil's indigenous leaders risk their lives fighting for survival - BBC News

The indigenous people are risking their lives by confronting and sometimes tackling the illegal loggers who are laying waste to the tribe's homeland and one of earth's natural treasures. The photo below speaks volumes.

"American university appoints the man who massacred 20 Vietnamese women and children to head its Vietnam branch" - New York Times

American Government funded Fulbright University has appointed Bob Kerrey, the man who led a group of American soldiers that butchered 20 unarmed civilians - including women and children - to head the Vietnam branch of its University. To be honest, Mr. Kerrey did apologist - he evidently feels really bad about murdering all those people... but hey... what's the big deal? He said he was sorry.

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