Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Study finds Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines and Pillsbury lie on packaging

"If we see a slice of cake smothered in frosting on the cake box, we think that is what is normal to serve and eat, but that’s not what is reflected in the serving size recommendation on the nutrition label,” said the paper's lead author John Brand in a press release.

The research was performed by scientists from Cornell University's Food and Brand lab, who looked at more than 50 different cake mix brands.

One of the studies involved included a survey of 72 undergraduates and 44 women in the food-service industry. It found that food-packaging cover art caused both groups to overestimate the recommended serving size. In particular, the food-service professionals did so to the tune of 122 calories.

If consumers actually compared a slice of the delicious-looking cake found on the cover cake-mix boxes to the information on the back, the portion has nearly 135 per cent more calories than the recommended serving, according to the research."

Read the article on CTV New HERE or read the Cornell University study HERE

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