Monday, 4 April 2016

Happy Anniversary to Me

Hey all you lovely folks in the Blogsphere. Today is the second anniversary of this blog (Yeahhhhhh!)

I started this blog April 4, two days shy of a month after my ex - Michelle Ramsay - cut off access to my grandchildren Zyg Ramsay and Mila Ramsay. This blog was the only avenue I had left to establish an electronic paper trail that, years from now, would lead my lovely grandchildren to me, or if I have already reached the end of my life, remind them that I never stopped loving or thinking of them.

Over the past 738 blog posts, my following has grown from zero to many tens of thousands. I thank each and every one of you and I hope my posts about Mother Earth, nutrition, non-violence, fitness, anti-euthanasia, my Family Court battle (see It's Over), politics, ethics, birthdays and passings have been both entertaining, informative, controversial, and creative.



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