Monday, 18 April 2016

African lions attack farms with racist owners more than other farms

Does this fall under the category of the "Chickens coming home to Roost"?

A Namibian study by the University of Kent found that African lions and leopards are attacking farms run by racist owners and farm managers more than farms run by more 'benevolent' owners and managers. Why?
  • Farms where the managers were both racist and violent towards their workers, which demotivated employees to perform well at their jobs. 
  • Racist managers also tended not to see the benefits of training their staff in more effective livestock husbandry, meaning employees were not skilled in protecting their cows and sheep from predators.
  • Many of the workers were also very poorly educated and some didn't even know how to count properly. The farmer was asking the workers to go out and move a 250-herd of cattle from one field to another and check that none had been left behind, but you cannot expect them to do that if they can't count to 100. This meant the livestock that were left behind were more likely to be eaten by predators.
Read the story on BBC News

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