Friday, 26 February 2016

Canadian politicians want to kill the mentally ill and 'mature' chlldren

Seriously! Do politicians have no sense or ethics at all?

It is bad enough that the Canadian government is seriously considering allowing doctors to kill their patients because they have what they call "grievous and irremediable suffering" but now this Parliamentary Committee is recommending that the mentally ill and children are competent enough to request 'assisted suicide.'

Fortunately, there is one voice of sanity among our elected representatives:

"Harold Albrecht (a member of the Parliamentary Committee who dissented), said the model proposed could create a “tragic permanent solution to what was a temporary problem,”

Interesting, several of the citizen groups that made presentations to the committee were disappointed that the parliamentary committees recommendations didn't go far enough as it doesn't "allow people to request assisted dying for diseases they might one day get."

What's next? Shall we begin killing old people because it's cheaper than alleviating their discomfort or even curing their ailment? Oh, I forgot - we already do that.

Please support anti-enthanasia organisations such as the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Sign their petitions and/or send them money to fight this disgrace. 

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