Monday, 12 January 2015

Stopping violence begins with me and you

I take my hat off to the millions of people around the world who marched yesterday:

1. In defiance of 'terrorism', or
2. To support freedom of the press, or
3. To support freedom of speech, or
4. To show 'terrorists' that they are not afraid, or
5.  In defiance of violence

But to my mind, the efforts of those marchers would have been better spent if each one of them took a sheet of paper, wrote on it "I shall never hit again", and committed that self-commandment to heart.

Then there would be no more: soldiers, freedom fighters, terrorists, jihadists, mercenaries, troops, patriots, etc.

Instead we would have one set of laws for everyone, enforced by a bunch of cops in blue hats (anyone remember that organisation called the United Nations?)

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