Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Big Smog: $4 coffee, sodium laden sandwiches, and Karma

"Is Heaven One Floor Up" - Los Angeles International Airport - departure terminal - now

I guess the ridiculous prices for bad food shouldn't surprise me - What do I expect from an airport? After surveying the various stores I finally settled on a prepackaged yoghurt and granola parfait ($6.41) and downed one of my meal replacement bars for a little extra protein.

Four hours before my flight leaves - trying to keep my mind busy reading, writing, wandering throughout the terminal - anything to keep myself from remembering that I am only a 30 drive from my grandchildren Zyg and Mila Ramsay - lovely children that I haven't seen for more than 3 years - lovely children that I have been prevented by my ex-partner Michelle from seeing, and holding, and kissing ever again.

I was never a Christian and therefore never believed in 'forgive and forget' - instead, I keep lists - one for kind people who I will be eternally indebted to and a list of people who I will not be 'indebted' to. I have every expectation that I will repay the people on both lists before I die.

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