Sunday, 18 December 2016

R.I.P. Audrey Tobias: Protester against the weapons maker Lockheed Martin

Photo by Chris Young, Canadian Press

"An activist who made headlines when she was criminally charged for refusing to fill out the census three years ago will be remembered for her spirit and tenacity at a funeral service in Toronto today.

Family members say Audrey Tobias died on Dec. 1. She was 92.

Friends and relatives say Tobias fought for causes large and small and had the ability to rally others to her side.

That drawing power came through in full force during her 2013 trial, which saw some 80 friends and supporters -- many of them retired -- fill a courtroom in downtown Toronto in solidarity.

Tobias was charged with violating the Statistics Act when she refused to fill out the 2011 census over its link to Lockheed Martin, a company she reviled. The American aerospace and weapons giant provided optic recognition software to Statistics Canada that helped analyze and process the census forms."

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