Friday, 12 August 2016

Banning burquinis - F-35 Fighter insanity - goodbye Elizabeth May

Banning burquinis from the beach? Excellent idea. And while we're at it, let's ban ALL religious symbols - crosses, skull caps, clerical collars etc. And not just at the beach but everywhere in public. Followers of various religions should be free to practice their particular brand of self-deceptive dogma, but like any belief, your particular philosophy belongs in your heart and your head - not worn around your neck or atop your head like an advertising billboard.

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Have we earthlings lost our minds! Canada is considering buying a squadron of F-35 fighters - each of which cost a whooping $148 million dollars. Do we realise how many people $148 million would feed? How many wind turbines we could erect? How many diseases we could cure? How many teachers we could hire? How many kids we could provide free university education for?

Jets and guns and submarines and battle ships and bullets do not protect a nation from bad people. However, no invader could possibly conquer a nation of healthy, well-educated, and mentally strong citizens and a well-trained national guard. 

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Dear Ms. May:

I support your Green Party and I admire you as their leader. But the members of your party have voted overwhelmingly to boycott Israel. And rightfully so. Israel is the Apartheid South Africa of the Middle East. So it is quite understandable that those who support justice, humanitarianism, and equality would use the boycott tool.

So please Ms. May, to paraphrase the lyrics from Bob Dylan's "The Times they are A Changin'".... "Get the heck out of the way if you aren't willing to lend a hand!"

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