Monday, 8 August 2016

Aeham Ahmad's 'Music for Hope" - Freedom Square is still going strong - 'God Particle' was just a burp

Aeham Ahmad – born in Damascus in the year 1988 and now living in Germany has gone from playing his piano in the ruins of his home country of Syria to playing on the streets of Germany.

A concert trained pianist, Mr. Ahmad's classical career was ended by a piece of scrapnel. will likely remain closed for him.

You can find his "Music for Hope" website HERE

Congrats to the women, men and children of Freedom Square, now in their 17th day of protest. They have occupied an area of their Chicago neighbourhood that was used in the past by the Chicago police for illegally detaining and torturing suspects.

The encampment includes an outdoor kitchen, tents to sleep in, a library, play areas, free bike repair area, a first aid tent, sleeping areas, and classroom areas.

In Ms. Colón's words, "Freedom Square is not only a protest occupation, a pop-up neighborhood engagement center and a laboratory for nation-building; it's where abolitionist politics are tested and applied every moment of every day."

Read the Truthout article by Kristiana Rae Colón, co-director of the #LetUsBreathe Collective

Oh No! I had such hopes that scientific history had been made with the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) discovered a new particle using the Hadron Collider.

Eight months later we find out that it was simply 'a statistical burp."

Beg your pardon!!! Next time cover your mouth!

Read the story on CTV News

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