Monday, 4 July 2016

What's your problem with McDonald's? Dead neonic bees, Chinese kick butt

What is the problem Italians! I'm no fan of McDonald's - mostly because their food is full of fat, salt and sugar - all ingredients to be avoided if one isn't fond of open-heart surgery, diabetes, and high blood pressure BUT.... how can you ban McDonald's while allowing Italian restaurants, which often serve equally unhealthy food, to open. And who cares how close to a church McDonalds opens its restaurant. I doubt that God cares.

And in terms of 'eyesores', I think that McDonalds in Europe has does a pretty good job of designing their outlets to sort of fit in with the surrounding architecture.

So Florentines, please don't ban Ronald McDonald. I won't eat his fast food but I sure love his WiFi and free washrooms.

Read the story on CTV News

Congrats to the people of Lubu, China. It seems as if the Chinese people are getting tired of breathing polluted air, drinking polluted water and walking on polluted ground.

Check out the story on BBC News

It seems the people of Canada and the United States are not getting the message that the as the widely used pesticides called neonicotinoids, or neonics are killing honey bees by the millions. The same honey bees that are essential for pollinating the food we eat.

Congrats to the Keep Hives Alive Tour people in their fight against the government's and the chemical company's carelessness.

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