Friday, 15 July 2016

Remembering Josephine Baker, Superwoman Kristin Hiebert and the Basket Building

Exploring the France that Josephine Baker loved

This is an amazing story about an amazing woman so even if think you know Josephine Baker's story - and especially if you haven't - check out this article about the woman, the times, the successes and the tragedy of her life in the south of France.

Read Sloane Crosley's lovely story in the NY Times

Kristin Hiebert's car skidded off a winter road last January and she and her daughter Avery spend 20 hours in -20 degree weather at the bottom of a ravine. Amazingly, mom - though she had multiple broken bones and frostbite - was able to climb the embankment to the road and flag down a passing motorist.

Read Ms. Hiebert's story of courage and perseverance on CTV News 

What a cool building! This was the headquarters of the Ohio basket manufacturer Longaberger but now the building - which cost $30 to construct - is up for sale. Hope someone buys and preserves it. Sure beats the glass cereal boxes that architects are designing these days.

Read the story on BBC News

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