Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ooops! I made a little mistake says Tony Blair - Sorry you're all dead

Sorry? Sorry? The heck with 'sorry' - Tony Blair and George Bush Jr. should be tried for war crimes. This 'Ooops! Sorry' thing is turning into a pattern.... sorry about Iraq, sorry about Grenada, sorry about Viet Nam, sorry about Korea, sorry about WWII, WW1, the Crusades, etc.

Frontier Airlines pilot buys pizza for 160 passengers grounded by storm

Wow! Kudos to Frontier Airlines pilot Gerhard Bradner who used his personal credit card to buy 38 pizzas for his passengers when a storm stranded them on the tarmac. And how come he had to, wasn't Frontier Airlines supposed to take care of their customers?

Really PBS? Who's idea was it to use 'old' footage of last year's fireworks on the 'news'. Pardon me but I thought the idea behind 'news' was that it was NEW!


  1. Mr Blair was sorry but he said he had choose the good decision, consequence was not from his credit card…
    Mr Bradner choose the good decision and consequence was from his credit card but he was not worry…
    This is just a question of words order in the sentence…
    Apologize for my poor American language… ad thanks for your blog. A bientôt, Philfff

  2. Bonjour Philfff.... thanks for your comment. Thousands of people all over the world read my blog but very few take the time to give me feedback so I appreciate your comment. And no need to apologise for your English - it's much better than my Franch.... Sincerement, James