Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Chinese robots make junk, College degree worth $45K, distracted Austrians

The future of 'Made in China': Industrial robots replacing dwindling workforce

Chinese manufacturers are running out of young people willing to work for slave wages so the government has begun to invest heavily in robots. In this stainless steel sink manufacturing plant, nine robots have replaced a couple hundred workers. 

Now you know why 'Made in China' translates to 'Crap Made without Care'

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Education pays: New study shows average salaries by degree, diploma

Interesting study reveals that grads with a Bachelor of Arts Degree generally earn $45K their first year out of school and could reach the $75K mark after eight years or so. Math, computer science and engineering grads earn the most.

Why didn't someone tell me this years ago? This financially-challenged sap really believed that people enrolled in university to become a more rounded, well-informed person. What an idiot I was!

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'Distracted' Austrians get road-crossing workshops

It seems as if the Austrian Road Safety Board has decided that Austrians need instructions on how to cross the road without getting whacked.

Also included in the workshop is information about distracted walking while smoking, eating and drinking.

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