Friday, 3 June 2016

Congrats to the Centre for Science in the Public Interest for forcing sodium legislation

A typical TV dinner such as this one (1,460 mg of salt) , or some other frozen meal can contain half of a person's recommended daily intake (2,300 mg of salt or more than 100% for a person with hypertension.

"For 39 years, CSPI has been working to reduce the amount of sodium used in packaged and restaurant foods.  We’ve petitioned the Food and Drug Administration repeatedly, and last year we even hauled the agency into federal court (for the second time) to force it to take action.

Today we’ve achieved a historic breakthrough:  The FDA has just published sodium-reduction targets for 150 categories of packaged and restaurant foods.  The targets are voluntary—not mandatory as we and the Institute of Medicine had asked for—but to have the government set official benchmarks for how much sodium is acceptable in various food categories is going to have a major impact on the food supply.  If achieved, these reductions will save tens of thousands of lives each year from preventable heart attacks and stroke, as well as billions of dollars in medical expenses."

Read the FDA's annoucement HERE... the read the story in the Centre for Science in the Public Interest

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