Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Would you care for a little radiation with that hamburger?

"Irradiation can significantly reduce bacteria levels on food and kill off parasites. In fact, the Canadian Cattlemen's Association has been calling for the approval of irradiation in ground beef, saying that, when combined with other food safety interventions, "irradiation could essentially eliminate E.coli-related illness" from ground beef.

Irradiation can also help slow spoilage by destroying moulds and yeast that cause food to spoil. As well, it can slow the ripening of fresh fruits, and prevent sprouting in root vegetables, allowing for longer shelf life.

The World Health Organization says irradiation offers a residue-free alternative to pesticides for preventing the importation of harmful insects on tropical fruits and foods, saying the process can even kill the weevils that lodge inside mango seeds."

Having the beef industry and Health Canada tell us that irradiation is OK is about as comforting as that same Health Canada telling us that thalidomide is safe for pregnant women or the mining industry telling us that asbestos inhalation has no ill effects on our lungs.

The really interesting question is why the hell is there bacteria, E.coli, and and parasites in our beef to start with!

Read the unappetizing story on CTV News

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