Saturday, 14 May 2016

Why is only European philosophy taught in college?

"Fervor is the weapon of choice of the impotent"... Fanon
Fervor is the weapon of choice of the impotent.
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Fervor is the weapon of choice of the impotent.
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"The vast majority of philosophy departments in the United States offer courses only on philosophy derived from Europe and the English-speaking world. For example, of the 118 doctoral programs in philosophy in the United States and Canada, only 10 percent have a specialist in Chinese philosophy as part of their regular faculty.

Most philosophy departments also offer no courses on Africana, Indian, Islamic, Jewish, Latin American, Native American or other non-European traditions. Indeed, of the top 50 philosophy doctoral programs in the English-speaking world, only 15 percent have any regular faculty members who teach any non-Western philosophy."

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Frantz Omar Fanon 20 July 1925 – 6 December 1961) was a Martinique-born Afro-Caribbean psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary, and writer whose works are influential in the fields of post-colonial studies, critical theory, and Marxism. As an intellectual, Fanon was a political radical, and a Marxist humanist concerned with the psychopathology of colonization, and the human, social, and cultural consequences of decolonization.

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