Thursday, 5 May 2016

Thank you Sarah Goldmark for creating Pop-Up-Repair

"People hold on to their broken things for a long time," she says. "When we started, we found this huge pent-up demand for our services, because there was nowhere to get things repaired."

Ms Sarah Goldmark, who is a set designer and theatre professor, created Pop Up Repair three years ago with her husband, who is also in theatre production.

Initially launched with a crowdfunding campaign and a team of handy backstage theatre professionals, Pop Up Repair fixes a range of items - toys, glasses, furniture and clothing. Repairs start at $15.

In addition to the practical repairs, Ms Goldmark also wanted Pop Up Repair to fuel a broader conversation about consumption and waste in modern living.

"The system leads you to throw things away and buy new, but we've found that people have an internal resistance to this," she says.

Read the story on BBC News

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