Saturday, 7 May 2016

Burnaby General Hospital killed Eddie Lee

"Dr. Victoria Lee, Chief Medical Officer for Fraser Health, offered condolences to Young, and said her son’s death has impacted the people who tried to help him profoundly.

“It was a tragic event that happened and our care team is also deeply affected by the events that have unfolded,” Lee said.

“Health care providers come to the hospitals, community clinics day-to-day to help people, and they are dedicated.”

Asked about the decision to release Eddie on his own, Lee said hospital staff will “follow the patient’s wishes in terms of discharge planning.”

The findings from the review into his case will not be publicized, but Fraser Health said they will be shared with his mother."

Please EMAIL the Honourable Suzanne Anton, Attorney General for British Columbia and tell her that you want Dr. Victoria Lee and Burnaby General Hospital charged with manslaughter for the woefully negligent way they treated Eddie Lee.

Read the story on CTV News


  1. The family has opening stated that Dr. Jerome Lee was one of the psychiatrists who saw Eddie. Look him up. He has awful awful reviews. This hospital needs to be held accountable.

  2. The family needs to go a step up and report the attending psychiatrists who treated Eddie to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. DO NOT expect to get any resolution from just reporting the matter to Fraser Health alone. Mark my words, Fraser Health does not care and always sides with their employees. Please, please, please report this to the CPSBC.

  3. Thanks for the info Anonymous. I will contact the CPSBC and let's hope that other readers of my blog do the same.