Thursday, 21 April 2016

Former paraplegic John Maclean now walks marathons

John walking towards the finish line of a recently held triathlon with his son and wife. 

"John Maclean was riding his bike when he was hit from behind by an eight-tonne truck. The devastating accident left him with incomplete paraplegia, with multiple fractures in his pelvis, back and sternum. His lungs were punctured, his arms were broken, and he wound up in a coma.
He said doctors told his father they didn't expect he would survive.

After undergoing Ware's "trigger process" therapy, Maclean was eventually able to take his first unassisted steps in 2013. The process is described as a way of using specialized neurophysics exercises to activate the nervous system in a way that “stimulates the body to re-organize itself and return to optimal function.”

Taking that first step in 2013 is a feat Maclean still struggles to describe.

"It's difficult to put into words… it was very humbling," he said, noting that his therapists advised him to move beyond the moment and focus instead on the next steps."

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