Thursday, 3 March 2016

Small Washington town named Longview wins big victory against oil company

"Local citizens learned about the potential consequences of the refinery and propane terminal. They learned that the facilities would be fed by a daily stream of oil trains bifurcating the town's central district. They heard from fire department officials who explained that the department had no ability to respond to a fire caused by an oil train explosion and that taxpayers would have to pay for expanded capacity. They were told of the smell caused by an oil refinery and the increased risks of cancer for those nearby. Local folks packed the Port Commission's hearings on the projects, and, when the commissioners voted to end negotiations with Waterside, they erupted in applause.

We know that if the world is to remain livable, we must keep 80 percent of the known fossil fuel reserves in the ground. Yet giant companies carry those reserves on their books as the basis of their future profits."

Check out the story by Fran Korten writing for TRUTH-OUT.

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