Sunday, 27 March 2016

Orwellian cops arrest man for talking about terrorism

"Anser Farooq (Kevin Omar Mohamed's lawyer) said the RCMP arrested Mohamed because of communications he was exchanging with “other parties” in Canada. “The RCMP feels that the communication that’s happening is not appropriate,” Farooq said. “They feel that something warranted an arrest, but obviously not sufficient enough that charges were laid.

Mohamed was allegedly in possession of a knife at the time of the arrest, Farooq said."

Tom Cruise ("Minority Report") was correct. So was George Orwell. The politicians have got us so fearful of terrorists under our bed and hiding in our closets that the police have begun arresting people for having 'inappropriate conversations.'

Read the whole disgusting story on CTV News but whatever you do, DO NOT DISCUSS THIS NEWS ITEM WITH ANYONE ELSE .... they're listening to all our conversations.

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