Monday, 29 February 2016

Carbon dioxide levels highest in 15 million years

"This year is already on pace to be hotter than the previous hottest year ever recorded, which was 2015. NASA recently reported that January 2016 was by far the hottest January on record. January 2016 blew out the previous record for hottest January (2007) by nearly 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also in January, the Arctic averaged a stunning 13.5 degrees Fahrenheit above average temperatures, which led to a new record low of Arctic sea ice extent for the month."

What can we do? Well, for a start we can....
  • Conserve electricity
  • Make the next car you buy a hybrid
  • Email your country's President or Prime Minister and tell her/him that you support the development of alternative energy sources (eg. wind, solar, kinetic)
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle
Remember, we only have one planet fellow Earthlings.

Read the story in Truth-Out

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