Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Paris Climate Change Conference failed - here's why

What the heck are these people smiling about. They failed miserably.

Scientists overwhelming agreed that the survival of our planet requires us earthlings to restrict our emissions of C02 to the point that our world doesn't warm more than two additional degrees. Our world leaders - bullied by the industrial nations - China, Russia, Canada, America etc - could only agree to a three degree increase.

Third World countries (they call them Developing Nations now) were holding out for a 1.5 degree increase, mainly because their island and low-laying elevation citizens will be first to drown when the seas continue rising. And these Developing Nations are also the ones who don't have the cash to fund the infrastructure projects that we Industrialised Countries will surely initiate in order to prevent our luxury condos from washing away and our children from choking on pollution.

Read the story in the Los Angeles Times

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