Friday, 25 December 2015

Teachers suport the companies killing our planet

"We don't support divestment (eg. pulling their investments out of oil and gas companies); we're much more in the camp of supporting engagement (eg. having a pleasant coffee with the oil and gas companies while trying to talk them out of destroying the planet), understanding what they are doing (eg. raping the planet for profit), how they are managing risk (eg. hiding the truth while paying profits to their investors), backing them when they are putting things in place (eg. 'things' being bandaids on the gaping wounds the oil and gas companies create in the earth and atmosphere)."....says Barbara Zvan, of the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan... what a crock!

If you have any of your pension money in the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, or the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, or if you're a student, alumni, or staff of University of Toronto please send them an email telling them that you object to them using your money to support oil and gas companies.

You may also want to send off an email to the UN supported group Principles for Responsible Investing thanking them for they efforts to force pension funds and large institutions (like universities) to stop investing in planet-killing industries.

Read the story in the Globe and Mail

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