Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Spaniards! What is the attraction of tormenting animals for sport?

"Aspiring young matador Angel Tellez pays little mind to Spain's animal rights activists driving a move to abolish the country's legendary bullfights, lauded by aficionados as an "art" form loftier than sport.

The 17-year-old Tellez is so passionate about his dream he makes a 70-kilometre train journey most days from his home in Toledo to the oldest of Spain's 52 bullfighting academies, the Marcial Lalanda in Madrid.

"I grew up in the world of bullfighting. I have an uncle who was a 'banderillero' (an assistant who sticks the banderilla rods into the bull). He was the one who encouraged me to attend this school," said Tellez.

He and 40-odd classmates, including two girls, are unfazed by the scorn animal rights advocates cast on what they call a blood sport that brutalises the beast and attracts only a minority of Spaniards."

Read the story of these disgusting blood sport 'athletes' on CTV News

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