Saturday, 12 December 2015

Gun makers love mass murders

"The gun makers’ shares have advanced in recent years in the wake of mass shootings such as the one in California last week that have led to stepped-up efforts to restrict ownership. Sales for both companies have increased as people stockpile weapons in response to politicians’ demands for tougher legislation. The political efforts have all fizzled."

“The No. 1 driver of firearms sales is fear,” said Brian Ruttenbur, an analyst at BB&T Capital Markets.

Read the sad story in the Globe and Mail 

... and then, if you happen to have investments (stocks, bonds, GIC, etc) check with your bank, investment agent, etc. to make sure that none of your money has been invested in Merchants of Death such as Smith and Wesson, or Sturm Ruger, or Remington, or one of the other weapons manufacturing companies listed below.

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