Saturday, 7 November 2015

How to make a time capsule

Ever wanted to make a 100+ year time capsule? Recently I've given it some thought and I must admit that the list of stuff I'd include becomes longer every day... here's what's on my list so far.

. My trusty - and already ancient - flip cell phone
. A DVD that contains an Excel spreadsheet of my family tree and family photos
. A love letter to my children
. A love letter to my grandchildren
. A pair of my cuff links
. My tattered Boy Scout leader shirt
. A DVD of the Wizard of Oz (because it pretty well sums up everything anyone needs to know about life and loving)
. A DVD compilation of protest and civil rights songs from the '60
. An IWC wrist watch)
. A recent selfie of me and my wonderful wife
. A copy of the Sunday New York Times (minus the annoying advertising inserts)

.... and the list continues to grow.

What about you? What would you put in your time capsule? Here are some tips from the
 New York Times

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